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Basement Waterproofing

If you’re a homeowner experiencing a wet basement or noticed water leaking into the area, we have the solutions to fix that issue. When dealing with water in the basement, it is important to start at square one and pinpoint the origin of the water intrusion. There are two ways to go about fixing wet basement problems: interior and exterior basement waterproofing.

Interior Waterproofing

Basement Drainage System

wet basement drainHaving a reliable basement drainage system will save you the trouble of dealing with a flooded basement. They're key to keeping water out of the basement and preventing water damage to the area. The purpose of a basement drainage system is to take any excess water entering the basement area, and channel it away from the home.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are critical to preventing basement floods. This waterproofing component takes incoming water and pumps it away from the basement. A fully functional sump pump is crucial in removing pools of standing water resulting from heavy downpours or constant hydrostatic pressure.

Our installation process is fast, seamless and extremely effective. We'll also recommend using a battery backup system, in the event of a power outage during a heavy storm, the sump pump will continue to work when you need it the most.

Interior Cracks

basement wall cracksCracks found along the basement wall are not only terrible to look at, but they also allow water to flow into the basement. There are many problems that can cause cracks to appear, but the most common one is hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure is when water-soaked soil pushes moisture through walls and floors of a basement.

To fix this problem we install carbon fiber strips to reduce the pressure on the wall and seal the cracks with polyurethane.

Exterior Waterproofing

Downspout Extensions

Your gutters and downspouts play a vital role in exterior waterproofing. This system takes incoming rainwater and diverts it away from the home.

However, not all homes have downspout extensions, and that causes water to puddle next to your home. By installing this extension, it allows the water to move further from the home, and away from the soil next to your foundation. If water is allowed to collect or puddle next to the home, it creates pressure on the foundation walls and may eventually lead to bowing walls.

To help ensure the water coming from your home is not ending up too close, we install downspout extensions. This component works in tandem with a french drain system in moving water away from the home.

Yard Drainage

Another way to waterproof the exterior of a home is to improve the yard drainage. If you see puddles forming in your yard after a heavy rainstorm, it's a sign to install a yard drainage system. This will generally include some grading of the area around the house to make sure all the yard slopes away and installing a french drain system to channel surface water away from the yard.

French Drain

A french drainage system, also known as a weeping tile, is essentially a trench containing a perforated pipe that is then filled with clean gravel and used to help channel excess water from the yard and downspout extensions. By having this installed on your home, it will prevent ground and surface water from damaging the foundation of your home, and cause water leaks in the basement.

Give us a call today to have us inspect your wet basement, and get a free written estimate. We look forward to helping you waterproof your home!

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