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Professional Waterproofing Avon Lake, OH

Rain is a common occurance in Avon Lake, OH and basement waterproofing is one of the most commonly requested services for homeowners. Regardless of what you do with your basement, it is important that it is dry, safe, and healthy. Water in your basement can cause a variety of very serious issues, including wood rot, mold growth, and damage to the saftey of a home. The majority Avon Lake, OH homeowners have heard the term "waterproofing" but do not fully grasp what the process entails. Basically waterproofing describes the process of ensuring that an area stays dry through the use of interior or exterior waterproofing systems.

Professional Interior Waterproofing Avon Lake, OH

If you have noticed water leaking in through cracks in your wall or a wet basement, then you may be in need of a professional basement waterproofing contractor. Due to the construction of most homes in Avon Lake, OH the cinder block walls in your basement may be prone to leaks and cracks. J.D. Johnson Basement Waterproofing has been helping Avon Lake homeowners solve their basement waterproofing problems for years. Our waterproofers are expertly trained to help identify yourbasement seepage issues.

Our waterproofers use a variety of basement waterproofing technologies to help mitigate water seepage in your basement. We often install a basement drainage system along side a sump pump. Having a reliable basement drainage system will save you the trouble of having to deal with a flooded basement.

Professional Exterior Waterproofing Avon Lake, OH

Not all basement flooding issues are caused by factors on the inside of your home. Our team of experts can help evaluate any leaks in your foundation both inside and outside to help you determine what is needed to fix the issue For years homeowners have trusted the professional waterproofing contractors at J.D. johnson Basement Waterproofing to mitigate any exterior waterproofing issue they may have. You can get a free estimate today by contacting us or calling 330-357-4869.

Our team has a variety of basement waterproofing methods that we use when working on the exteriors of the home. We can help you protect your home from the outside by properly installing several components. Our experts can install downspout extensions, french drains, window wells, and proper yard drainage. All of these waterproofing solutions when properly installed can help keep water from entering through cracks and flaws in your foundation.

Common Causes Of Basement Leaks Avon Lake, OH

Wall Cracks

Basement wall cracks can be one of the most serious issues when it comes to leaky basements. Our team can evaluate what caused the crack as well as fill the existing crack. This can not only help you prevent the crack from leaking, but finding the source of the crack can help us keep issues from happening in the future.

The main cause of basement wall cracks is called hydrostatic pressure. When it rains, water flows toward your foundation. This means it could be building up in the soil against your home. At the bottom of your basement wall, a reservoir of wet dirt and pressure builds up, pushing the water against your wall and either find existing cracks or creates new ones.

Cove Seepage

The most common method for digging and creating foundation walls results in an unsecured bond between the footing of your basement and the basement walls. The joint between the wall and the floor in your basement is known as a cove joint. This is one of the most common points of water seepage in basements. Hydrostatic pressure due to the buildup of rainwater at the base of your foundation can cause water to find its way between the basement footer and the wall.

Mortar Joint Leakage

Most homes in Ohio were built with basement walls constructed out of cinder blocks rather than poured concrete. For these walls locating the leak can be a bit more challenging. Over time the mortar between the bricks can deteriorate causing cracks and holes in the wall where water can seep in. Our team is specially equipped to find and fix these mortar leakage issues. When the mortar breaks down it can be hard to tell where the water is coming from. This is due to the fact that the water is seeping in from the outside and moving in the empty cavity of the block.

Professional Basement Waterproofing in Avon Lake, OH and the Surrounding Area